Forging Our Own Trail

Tucked into the Wasatch Mountains, Park City drew us from Salt Lake City for the weekend with promises of gorgeous views and vibrant town life. We arrived during the saddle season between winter and summer, when many businesses were closed. Undaunted, we forged our own way.

Saturday morning, we started early and walked straight up from quiet Main Street and into the mountains.

Park City, Utah


Climbing and climbing

Morning hike with Mike

The trail disappeared and reappeared beneath our feet, becoming mostly snowfields as we climbed higher. We walked past an abandoned silver mine and many closed ski lifts.

Abandoned Silver King mine

Abandoned silver mine

Abandoned silver mine

Park City

Above Park City

Mike hiking near Park City

Finally, up to our shins in snow and completely off-trail, we turned around, and skitter-slid back down the mountain, along steep snowbanks and then through slushy mud.

Mike's death march: mile 3

Park City, Utah

Park City altitude

Lunch at Wasatch Brewpub  and a soak in a hot tub rejuvenated us and our chilly extremities. Though late April is not the most happening time to visit Park City, we found a lively crowd and delicious pizza at Vinto later that evening. In such a short visit and in the offseason, we missed out on many of Park City’s offerings, but we plan to return now that Mike has steady clients in the Salt Lake City area.